Valentines Day Dinner


Mediterranean Olives

olive oil and house baked bread



trio of Kushi oysters, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and salt & pepper



lemon ricotta, brown sage butter, roasted pine nuts



heirloom tomatoes, vidalia onions, cucumber, fresh basil, house bread, extra virgin olive oil and balsamic


Beef Tenderloin 

roasted garlic potatoes, broccolini, blistered tomatoes and  peppercorn sauce



pan-seared local halibut, pomegranate risotto and braised winter greens


Wild Mushroom Gnocchi

hand made potato pasta, fresh herbs and chanterelles 



coffee infused lady fingers and mascarpone


Panna Cotta

earl grey infused with chocolate covered hazelnuts

Four Course Dinner $75 per person

For Take Out and Delivery we are offering a Three Course Menu for $60

First course options are Mediterranean Olives or Panzanella

and 2nd & 3rd course options are the same as the Secondi & Dolce courses above

Local Mussels                                                      19

Steamed with garlic, white wine and parsley

Oysters                                                1/2 dozen 18 | Dozen 35

Fresh shucked local oysters, lemon,

horseradish & hot sauce

Caesar Salad                                             starter 10 | large 14

Crispy capers, bacon lardons, manchego cheese,

romaine, croutons, classic caesar vinaigrette

French Onion Soup                                                         12

Rich beef stock, cartelized onions, gruyere,

house baked bread

Warm Lentil Salad                                                        17

Fresh lemon, olive oil & spices, pickled beets,

arugula &. chèvre

Prime Rib Spaghetti Bolognese                                     22
Braised Certified Angus Beef Ribeye in a

rich tomato sauce with manchego cheese

Spaghetti Puttanesca                                                      18

Fresh garlic, anchovies, capers, olives,

blistered grape tomatoes, fresh dill

& manchego cheese

Steak Frites                                       6oz 27 | 8oz 33 | 10oz 45

Certified Angus Beef N.Y. Striploin cut to

order, hand cut kennebec fries, aioli &

shallot-balsamic butter

add veg + 6


Fatbouy Burger                                                            16.5

B.C. ranchlands beef burger, chipotle onion

relish, aioli, lettuce & tomato

on a fresh baked bun

add Hertel's bacon, cheddar & mushrooms + 5

Lamb Burger                                                                 17.5

Local lamb, stilton cheese, chipotle

onion relish, aioli, lettuce & tomato

on a fresh baked bun

Burgers com with choice of:

house cut kennebec fries or 

organic greens with Dijon-shallot vinaigrette


Panna Cotta                                                                    10

Earl grey infused , chocolate covered hazelnuts

Tiramisu                                                                           10

Coffee infused lady fingers, mascarpone 

Bread Pudding                                                                  8

house made vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce

Dark Chocolate Domed Mousse                                      9

cranberry coulis

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